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To Establish Long-Term Relationships

Zuko International General Trading, based in the United Arab Emirates, has been one of the leading firms in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates owes a great debt of gratitude to the perseverance, wisdom, and forward vision of its founding fathers, who in those early days invested all their efforts and took careful stock of their resources in order to chart the path that has shaped our great nation.









The UAE is diversifying its economy away from reliance on fossil fuels and is now a regional and global hub for business, trade, and finance. It offers world-class infrastructure, facilities, and connectivity. There are currently more than 280 international connections from UAE airports and seaports. The UAE is a recognised as business and trade hub for MENA, the subcontinent, and Central Asia.

ZUKO International General Trading LLC.

ZUKO is a wholesale & distributor of various categories of toys, games, gift item accessories, puzzles, and many more varieties. We are distributing toys and gifts to retailers and e-commerce across the GCC countries and North Africa (MENA) region. ZUKO aims to become one of the top leading toys and gift distributors/wholesalers in the Middle East by providing a range of quality toys and brands from leading toy brands and gift manufacturing from across the world.

Why US?

The essential learning of any child begins with toys. They are the most creative and unique means of training the mind. We focus on intelligent training and quality toys. Being a toy wholesaler and distributor company, we recognize the value of toys in a child’s life. Our toys are innovative tools that help a child enhance their skills and pave their way to a better future. Our Commitment is to provide our brands and clients with the highest level of service to help achieve their vision.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing clients with genuine, high-quality products at reasonable costs, while also satisfying their needs and adding a dash of originality to each job completed successfully.

our goals

Our mission is to promote happiness. We have conquered the Dubai market as a fast-growing firm and want to be a major supplier throughout the UAE.

Our Strength

Our strength is our ability to listen to our customers and then provide them with professional advice, allowing you to select the optimum product size and color for your team from our large selection of sizes and colors.